Sardinia: Prosciutteria Sant Miquel


What’s The Deal?
Small, family run Italian charcuterie bar in the backstreets of Alghero, Sardinia. Outstanding Italian cured meats, cheeses & wine. So good we went twice!

The Food
There’s no menu here so very little decisions to be made which is a nice change sometimes – just pick your board size depending on how hungry or how many people you are. We were advised to go for a medium size, perfect for two for dinner.

First to come out was a small starter on the house, of olives and Italian crispbread which was fairly addictive. Save room for mains though, as your board will shortly follow after you can see it being freshly prepared in the small kitchen next to the seating area.

The presentation of the boards is really impressive (definitely Instagram worthy), piled high with Italian meats, cheeses, chutney, bread, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and stuffed mini peppers. Everything on here was sensational and changes depending on what’s in season.

For the wine – again no choices – just say if you want red or white and this will be one of the local Sardinian wines. We had several (!) glasses of red which was delicious. And of course to finish, we couldn’t turn down some local Limoncello.

Aside from the food and wine, the service at Prosciutteria was outstanding. The owner is so friendly and welcoming, he makes this place! There’s only about 5 tables inside and 3 outside but he makes sure everyone is catered for.

I’m confident there is nowhere else in Alghero more friendly or authentic than this place and I cannot recommend enough! Such amazing service and great produce makes for a very relaxing and memorable evening. Perfect for couples or small groups to graze the night away.

Budget or Bust?
££ – A medium size board cost us €25 which amazing value and plenty enough for two people. Wines were about €5 or €6 each and this made for a very reasonable & delicious meal overall.

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